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A Wide Array of Flexographic Prepress and Pre-Pressroom Services:

At Preflex Digital Prepress Services, we offer pre-pressroom services such as supplying various backing tapes, various backing carriers, lead and trail edge applications, paper bag, and corrugated plate mounting services

Pre-Pressroom Prepping Services

One of the primary services that PreFlex Digital Prepress Services offers is prepress prepping. It refers to the processes and procedures between the preparation of a print layout and final printing in the printing and publishing industries. The pre-pressroom function of the prepress process includes fabricating a printing plate, image carrier, and adhering the printing plates to that carrier to prepare for printing on a flexographic printing press.

Customers typically provide their images electronically as PDF files or application files in today's prepress firms. We review customer files to ensure that visuals are placed correctly according to the proper specification, dieline, or template. We also validate that all fonts and visuals have been supplied and are connected correctly.


Plate Mounting

  • PFBullet

    Corrugated and paper bag mounting services available for all corrugated and paper bag printing assets

  • PFBullet

    A wide Variety of backing materials from tin, PVC, foam backed, and more coupled with various mounting tape thicknesses, we can accommodate anybody’s tooling undercut

  • PFBullet

    Preflex uses a state-of-the-art AV FlexoLogic fully automated Opti-mount system that is directly tied into our workflow, die lines, and actual printing plate files. This allows all registration to correlate throughout the entire platemaking process and ensures a correct mount from original data entered into the ERP, the prepress workflow, and to the printed die line out of the plotter printer.

Precision Corrugated Direct Print Plate Mounting

Preflex uses AVFlexoLogic’s Opti-Mount 3000, a fully automated mounting machine that can encompass several different printing cylinders into one cylinder with a touch of a button. It is fully integrated into the Esko workflow and our ERP system so automation is easier than ever.

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