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Automation includes Web to ERP to Automation Engine, back to the ERP and back to the Web for online PDF approvals, or any combination of those tools. Automation is just not for robots, there are efficiencies gained many times over by automating information and ensuring first generation data entry at all points in the process. In conjunction with firm QA policies, automation ensures that we minimize our potential for human error and that our imaging is consistent from prepress to plating.

Our prepress team is equipped with the latest in cutting edge workflow software like ArtPro+, ArtPro, Automation Engine, Imagine Engine, Equinox Extended Gamut software, and along with Adobe Creative Suite there isn’t any art file we can’t manage to use.

Along with the latest software technology, Preflex is constantly adding the latest technology in flexographic platemaking assets. With the latest in High-Definition laser imaging technology Preflex is able to provide you with the HD flexo plates of your choice.

Our Prepress & Automation Services Include:

Virtual 3Ds and Physical Prototypes to bring your package to life!

Preflex offers several ways to visualize your package design and then to bring it to life with our physical prototyping process. Virtual 3D images for Flexible Films, Shrink Films, Folding Cartons, Corrugated Shippers, and Labels that can be shown applied to a virtual package.

Then when your graphics are created and almost finalized, opt for a physical prototype sample or samples to use for market testing, focus groups, product fit, package processing, and more.

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Color Management

Our experts each has over 30 plus years of prepress experience utilizing all types of ink systems. From Rotogravure to Offset inks, we know how to color manage the ink system, what substrates reacts best with the systems, and what ink system should be used based on the packaging and the product being packaged. We utilize both, GMG software for CMYK press color profiling and contract color proofing, and Esko’s Pack Proof using Color Pilot to profile and proof Extended Gamut printing using Equinox.

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The Color Management Process:


We first start with a press room analysis with you and your printer. From there decisions are made on various presses, structures, and etc. We will then analyze your printing format and printing mix to present the various plate materials aligned with your printing format. Once that has been decided we will start with a benchmark plating test, analyze those results and from there understand your presses printing parameters and deciding on elements such as screening technology, solid cell screening patterns, minimum and maximum dot percentage limitations, and so on. Once we know those elements, Preflex will supply a press characterization form to run on the correlating asset decided in the earlier process. The press form is printed and returned to Preflex, we then scan the data in the color management software and analyze your printing conditions and provide contract color proofs utilizing your fingerprint and process controls.

The available contract color proofing products available are:

  • PFBullet

    GMG color proofs using high-res contone stochastic inkjet printing.

  • PFBullet

    GMG Dot Proofing (the continuous tone dot is mimicked on the proof and visible by the eye.)

  • PFBullet

    Esko’s Pack Proof and Color Engine’s Equinox Extended Gamut proofing a profiling. (The EG profiling process uses the same methodology as the CMYK but requires more data to analyze and color manage.)

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Plates & Imaging

Plate Materials & Thickness

Preflex is a proud DuPont Certified Cyrel plate manufacturer and stocks all of DuPont’s solvent process printing plates in various thicknesses from .045” to .250” as well for other photopolymer manufactures such as Asahi and McDermid Graphics. Our goal is to partner with you to bring the best plate material to you for your needs, and if we need to bring in another polymer, we will.

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Plate Imaging Technology:

Esko’s Crystal 5080 CDI Digital Imager with resolutions that exceed 4000 dpi

  • PFBullet

    Line Screens up to 200 plus LPI

  • PFBullet

    Automated load and unload process. Less handling of the plate material which minimize kinks, scuffs, and scrapes in the image surface

  • PFBullet

    Uses Pixel Plus screening for superb solid ink densities

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Conventional bank lighting with Digiflow flat top dot technology

  • PFBullet

    Creates flat top dot printing for all .250 printing formats

  • PFBullet

    Near one to one plate to mask dot ratio for predictability.

  • PFBullet

    Consistent floor height within +/-.003

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Pre-Pressroom Services:

Mounting & Laminating

Prefex Digital Prepress Services provides pre-pressroom service such as applying mounting tapes to plates so your mounting departments can do what they do best, mount. Our thicknesses of tape span from .005” to .020” and vary from 3M to Tesa brands. If there is a special brand and thickness you need, we can procure it and supply it to you.

Preflex is a proud pre-pressroom service provider to the corrugated and paper bag industry. We pride ourselves on the quality and skill that goes into our mounting process. We have foamed backed mount backings, PVC, and Mylar all in various thicknesses to accommodate your pressroom. With a highly skilled mounting team, our automation processes, and technology Preflex can offer your pressroom the expert quality mounting services you need.